Babies Music Together® Classes


Congratulations on the arrival of your New Baby! Our Music Together Babies Classes are for parents and caregivers with newborn babies up to 9 months of age. 


We know that babies thrive through bonding time and music time with their first and most importantant  teacher, YOU. Screen time is NOT for your baby. Only the grownups are looking at the screen. Our in location Babies Music Together Classes have always been led by a Registered Music Together Teacher who guides you in making music with your baby and making music for your baby

Music Together Online follows those same meaningful guidelines. Your teacher will guide the grownup in activities with their babies, while the baby is looking at their grownup. Even if your baby falls asleep during the lullaby, you have practiced well!




This is exactly the time to celebrate Parenthood and Babyhood with other families in joyful music making, in a community of music makers that marvel in experiencing firsthand how - Music Learning Supports All Learning!  Every BABY is unique, glorious, and musical! The commonality is MUSIC!                  


The tempo of our babies classes is slower and softer and the guided movement is all geared for babies being held, carried, or lying on a blanket looking up at their beloved parent or caregiver. 

Although we have many babies in our mixed aged classes, this class allows a space where the entire class is focused on behaviors of this age group and gives the grownups extra time to find positions that work best for themselves and their baby.

We know that there is a very wide range of when babies and all children reach certain miliestones. If your baby is already crawling at the start of a semester, we encourage you to join a mixed age class.



Babies thrive in all of our classes, with the babies class being an option if it fits into your schedule.  All of our Registered Music Together Teachers are all able to differentiate and support every grownup with children birth through five in our mixed ages, because music is an experience that is specific to each individual child in that age range.  Our mixed age classes are ideal for families with two or more children as we are a family modeled program that mirrors how families sing, dance, play, and learn!